Assignment 12

Now that we are finished with the ancient Egypt unit, I would like you to reflect on what you have learned about ancient Egypt. Please complete these sentences clearly and with specific details. Write the answers on your wiki page. If you need reminders of what we did, just scroll through the assignments on this page or look through your notes.

1. The single most important thing I learned was...

2. Something that confused me or that I didn't understand was...

3. What surprised me the most was...

4. I would like to know more about...

5. The part that I think I will always remember was...

Assignment 11

  • Online Textbook pages 93-103
  • Wiki Assignments
  • Your Notes

Use the above sources to label your 3D Timeline with labels about:
  • Ancient Egypt's three kingdoms (Provide a clear and detailed three sentence description about each kingdom including who was involved in the kingdom. Each kingdom must have a separate label on the timeline.)
  • Pharaoh Khufu (Provide a clear and detailed two sentence description about him.)
  • The Hyksos in Egypt (Provide a clear and detailed two sentence description about them.)
  • Pharaoh Hatshepsut (Provide a clear and detailed two sentence description about her.)
  • Ramses the Great (Provide a clear and detailed two sentence description about him.)
  • Each event label must have a simple title about the information
  • Each event label must have correct dates
  • Each event label must have an appropriate picture
  • Each event label must have a citation for the picture
  • Sentences should be complete and detailed

Assignment 10

Ancient Egypt Topic Peer Assessment
Go to our YouTube Channel and login using the username and password given in class.
You will assess your classmates' videos using the rubric for the ancient Egypt project and by answering the questions below. Each answer must be at least two sentences long.
Post your assessment in the comments section under each classmate's video. Please make sure you include your first name only or your comment will be deleted.
You must comment on four classmates' videos:
  • classmate above your name
  • classmate below your name
  • two other classmates of your choice
(Note: YouTube has a 500 word limit on comments. You might have to divide your assessment comments into two posts.)

1. How did your classmate make the video interesting and creative?

2. Was it easy to understand your classmates presentation including his/her voice? Why or why not?

3. Clearly explain two things you learned from your classmate's video.

4. How could your classmate improve his/her video?

Assignment 9

Due Dates:
A Block- Tuesday Feb. 23
D Block- Monday Feb. 22
G Block- Tuesday Feb. 23

Task: You are to research your assigned topic from Egyptian history and create a video presentation using iMovie. The video presentation should be 3-4 minutes and include the following required elements:


  1. Introduce your topic to the audience and explain the importance of your subject in Ancient Egypt.
  2. Explain and show where your topic belongs on a map of Egypt. You may have to be creative with this part because your topic might not be from one area.
  3. Present 5 interesting facts you have learned about your subject from your research. Include dates and/or which kingdom (old, middle, new).
  4. Identify at least one of the that is evident in your topic and explain how your topic relates to the characteristic.
  5. How does your topic relate to our society today?
  6. Include appropriate images/video to make your presentation clear, interesting, original, and creative.
  7. Conclude your presentation by restating the significance (importance) of your topic to history.
  8. Use your own voice for the audio part of your presentation.
  9. You (and your partner) must appear in the video for at least 30 seconds as you present your information.
  10. Use at least four different sources. At least one of your sources must be from the KIS Library Resources
  11. Cite any images/videos that you use at the end.
  12. Cite your sources at the end.

Helpful Hints
  • Follow the steps above in order. Your research will be first (1-7 above), then you will start working on the iMovie.
  • You will be asked to show your progress on this project in every class before the due date. Your progress will be graded.
  • Originality and creativity will be rewarded with a higher grade. For example, if you draw some of your images you will get a more points than someone who just copies images from the Internet.

Assignment 8

Part 1: Riverboat Tour Part 1
Part 2: Riverboat Tour Part 2

Assignment 7

Read the information here about the three kingdoms in ancient Egypt. The problem with these three paragraphs is that each paragraph does not have specific details or evidence. Your task is to find specific details and evidence from our textbook for the information presented in each paragraph about each kingdom. Then re-write the paragraph adding the new specific details and evidence you found. Write the new paragraph on your wiki page.
Part 1
The Old Kingdom (2700 BCE - 2200 BCE)
Specific details and evidence about this kingdom can be found on pages 98-100 in our textbook.
Your specific details and evidence should give more information about...

  • Pyramids (definition, examples, construction details)
  • Workers
  • Importance of the pyramids

Part 2
The Middle Kingdom (2100 BCE - 1800 BCE)
Specific details and evidence about this kingdom can be found on pages 101-102 in our textbook.
Your specific details and evidence should give more information about...

  • the difference with the Old Kingdom
  • what life was like during this time
  • wars or battles and who was involved

Part 3
The New Kingdom (1570 BCE - 1070 BCE)
Specific details and evidence about this kingdom can be found on pages 102-103 in our textbook.
Your specific details and evidence should give more information about...

  • what new territories were conquered
  • names of pharaoh's involved in expansion
  • wars or battles and who was involved
  • trading (who and what)

Assignment 6 Due Dates:

A Block- Wednesday January 20
D Block- Wednesday January 20
G Block- Tuesday January 19
(Note: At the beginning of class on the due date, we will convert your comic to a PDF and upload it to your wiki page.)

Directions: Use your notes, wiki assignments, and the Egyptian Underworld video to create a comic showing the mummification process and the Egyptian underworld using ComicLife. Your comic must show the following:

  • the process of mummifying a pharaoh
  • the tomb of the pharaoh and the entry into the underworld
  • at least three obstacles the spirit has to go through in the underworld
  • the various demons or dangers of the underworld
  • spells/passwords/magic words that you create to help the spirit through the underworld
  • must be colorful and detailed
  • a title and your name
  • length: two to four pages which includes a bibliography page for images or information you use
  • additional information we didn't learn from one of the following sources:

Assignment 5

Source: How to Mummify Nefermaat
Directions: Go to the link above to mummify a body. As you work to mummify the body, answer the following questions clearly and with details on your wiki page.
  1. Why did Egyptians want to preserve dead bodies?
  2. How did they preserve bodies? What is this process of preservation called?
  3. Explain how the brain was removed from the dead body. Why was the brain removed?
  4. Name the four internal organs that were removed from the body. What was done with these organs?
  5. What did they do with the heart? Why?
  6. What is natron and why was it used? Using your scribble map of Egypt, name the area where natron came from.
  7. How was linen used during mummification?
  8. What are amulets and how were they used? Give two examples of amulets that were used and explain why they were used.
  9. What happens to the body after it was mummified?

Assignment 4

Part 1: Go to this site and read about the different Egyptian gods and goddesses. Choose one of these that you would like to be and explain why you would like to be that god or goddess. Then choose one that you would not want to be and explain why. Make sure your explanations are middle school quality explanations.
Part 2: Compare these Egyptian gods and goddesses with the Mesopotamian gods and goddesses. Did you find similar gods? Name the gods/goddesses and clearly explain the similarities? Why do you think they are similar even though Egypt and the Mesopotamian civilizations were different?

Assignment 3

Directions: After playing five classmates' games, go to the discussion tab of each classmate and respectfully give them your opinion about their game. You must comment on the person above you and below you in the list and three other classmates.
You must write about the following:
1. Give your opinion about their game (good questions?, clear questions?, mix of difficulty?)
2. Mistakes you found in the game (grammar/information/confusing information)
3. Suggestions to improve the game (more easy or hard questions, better grammar, clearer questions)

Assignment 2

Source: Read pages 93 & 94 in your online textbook
Directions: Answer the following questions clearly and with details on your wiki page.

1. Read the If YOU were there section. How do you feel about working for the pharaoh?
2. Eventually the Third Dynasty began in ancient Egypt. The Third Dynasty was the beginning of what historians call ............. . When did it start and end?
3. Explain how ancient Egyptians felt about their country and their pharaoh.
4. What were the responsibilities of the pharaoh?
5. What is best known about the famous pharaoh, Khufu? Can you name a specific monument built for him?
6.a Clearly explain the structure of society in the Old Kingdom. (Note: This should be a long answer.)
6.b. What may be some advantages and disadvantages of such a large segment of the population being farmers, servants, and slaves?
6.c. What did farmers do during flood season?
7. Clearly explain trading in ancient Egypt (what was traded and who they traded with).
8. Define the word acquire. Use acquire in an original sentence.
9. Using the drawing of Egyptian society on page 94, explain where Viziers would be placed?

Assignment 1

  • Carefully read your online textbook pages 88 and 89. (Note: Make sure you scroll down on page 89 to see more information.)
  • Use the map above, the maps in the Egypt Resources wiki page, or your Scribble Map search function
  • Use this check list to help you---->

  • Your task is to label a map of the Nile River and ancient Egypt on your current Scribble Map. You must mark, label, or represent famous sites, cities, and other objects. Label everything carefully. (Note: Mark means use a marker, label means use a text label, represent means draw a symbol to show the item.)
  • You must also provide an image and a description for some of the labels. Each description must be at least three sentences long and must be clear, detailed, and specific. Your description should give us clear information to help us understand the item or place and why it was so important for ancient Egyptians.

1. Represent and label the Nile’s Sixth Cataract to the First Cataract.

2. Label the Red Sea.

3. Represent and mark three mines and three quarries. Provide an image and a description for each mine and quarry.

4. Represent and label these historic sites: the Valley of the Kings, the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Sphinx, Abu Simbel, the Pharos (lighthouse in the port of Alexandria), the Bahriya Oasis and the Farafra oasis (include palm trees). Provide an image and a description for each historic site.

5. Mark these cities: Abydos, Thebes, Giza, Hermopolis, Memphis, Bubastis, Rosetta, Alexandria, Meroe, Khartoum, and Elephantine

6. Label these geographical features: the Western Desert, the Eastern Desert, the Nile Delta (include animals found here), the Sinai Peninsula, the Wadi el-Natrun, the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Suez, the Nubian Desert. Include animals of the desert. Provide an image and a description for each geographical feature.

7. Label Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt.

Assignment 1
On your wiki page describe how the Egyptians made mummies. Make a list of what you need to make the mummy including tools and chemicals. Then clearly explain the process of mummification.
Use the following websites to help you with this assignment.

Assignment 2
Go to the following websites to explore Egyptian pyramids and tombs.

Assignment 3
For this assignment, you have to use the following websites:

On your wiki page, give three interesting facts (such as association with gods, how they were worshiped, etc.) about cats, Scarab beetles, and two other animals of your choice. You have to give three facts for each animal.