Commanders: Steve, Terry ( hacked ), Kevin ( hacked ), Matthew ( hacked )
Brigadier General: Soren
Major: Derek
Private: Isaac

By: Soren Choe
Cod4 lvl 55 hack

Hello guys! This is ONLY for people who are going to play COD4 or COD6 after school.
First, this is how to get the hack for COD4. This hack will instantly make you lvl.55.
Download the mpdata in google. Type in and you should see tons of steps. Just click on the link. Now, you will see a tons of letter and weird things you don't understand. All you have to do is just copy the whole thing in that website. Now you go to the 'Call of Duty 4 Data', and go in to players. Click on the one you want to hack it into lvl 55. Then you open the mpdata in side your player you want to hack it. It will open a textedit. Now, highlight the whole thing and paste the thing you copied in the mpdata link. Now, go into your COD4 and change your serial number to this: DL2J-8PY4-4Q22-GE48-88D2. Then turn it off and go in COD4 again, and BOOM! U r lvl 55!! ( if you do this hack, then you can not play in private servers because you are permanently banned from every server.)
How to get COD6:

Srry, I forgot what to type in. Anyway, after you download it, you need iarchiver. Drag the cod6 you downloaded from the internet to the second button from iarchiver. Then it will take sometime and makes a folder that has COD6 inside.
COD4 Multihack

Coming Up SOON!!!
The multihack contains the hacks which are:
Name Changer
HeadShot Hack
Wall Hack

Cod4 Map Advice:

If you want to play 1 on 1, then Shipment and Killhouse is the best because those 2 maps are small.

Another advice is that when you are playing crossfire with a lot of people, then use a weapon with GL and shoot at the other base. You will at least get 3 kills doing that.
external image x-zip.png cod4_mp_crossfire.pages
When you are playing Crash, Go up to the 3 floor, on the roof top where you could see people coming from the broken airplane and the side where you enter 2nd floor. Have 1 person sniping for each places and 1 person to guard the floor entrance and 1 person each for sub machine gunner or Assault Rifler at each sides. Then you are ready to win the game. Most of the people goes only those 2 places in Crash.
external image x-zip.png cod4_mp_crash.pages