Assignment 9

Now that we are finished with the Early Humans unit, I would like you to reflect on what you have learned about Early Humans. Please complete these sentences clearly and with specific details. Write the answers on your wiki page.

1. The single most important thing I learned was...

2. Something that confused me or that I didn't understand was...

3. What surprised me the most was...

4. I would like to know more about...

5. The part that I think I will always remember was...

Assignment 8

Use these two videos about Catal Huyuk to answer these questions clearly and completely on your wiki page.
1. What are three things about daily life in Catal Huyuk that surprised you? Why did they surprise you?
2. What are three things about daily life in Catal Huyuk you knew already from class?
3. Jookie is a 12 year old living in Catal Huyuk. Explain three ways her life is different than yours. (Note: Simply saying you have cell phones and she doesn't is an unacceptable answer.)

Assignment 7

Answer these questions clearly and completely on your wiki page.

1. What was the main difference between life in the Paleolithic period and life in the Neolithic period?
2. How did people's lives change as they began to domesticate plants and animals during the Neolithic period?
3. What are some advantages and disadvantages of the changes in daily life that occurred as a result of the development of agriculture?

Assignment 6

Use your online textbook (p. 40 & p. 41) to answer these questions clearly and completely. Please put your answers on your wiki page.

1. Read the paragraph in the Beginnings of Agriculture section on p.40 and answer the question (How could this discovery change your life?).

Read The First Farmers and Plants section on p.41 and answer these questions:
2. What is another name for the New Stone Age?
3. What kinds of tools did people make during this time? What do you think they used these tools for?
4. In the textbook it says that people during the Neolithic period could now make fire. Which hominid would this be?
5. When we changed from gathering food to growing food, historians called it the Neolithic Revolution. Why do you think it's called a revolution?
6. What is the definition for the word 'domestication'?
7. Using the map on p.41, which animals were domesticated in Asia?
8. Using the map on p.41, where was corn first domesticated?
9. If you were a farmer, how would your life be different than a hunter and gatherer. Give three ways your life would be different.

Assignment 5

Hominid Comic Directions

Using your notes and our textbook, choose a hominid (except Homo Sapiens) and draw a comic that shows information about the hominid.

Step 1: Use an A4 sheet to draw or use Comic Life (you must use original pictures, not pictures from the Internet)
Step 2: Your comic should show the following information about the hominid:
  • A picture of the hominid
  • Language
  • Time Period and Location
  • Tools
  • Food
  • Other information
Step 3: Color the comic with at least five different colors.
Step 4: Make sure your comic has a title
You will be graded on neatness, accuracy of information, and creativity.

Assignment 4

Please read pages 29 & 30 from your online textbook and answer these questions clearly and in complete sentences on your wiki page.

1. On which continent were Lucy and other hominids found?
2. What is the scientific name of Lucy?
3. How long ago did Lucy live?
4. What was an important step in human development?
5. Describe and explain how these hominids are different from each other. Use the charts about the hominids on page 30 to help you with the answer.
Make sure your answer is clear and detailed.
  • Australopithecus
  • Homo habilis
  • Homo erectus
  • Homo sapiens

6. Which hominid is us now?

Assignment 3

Please answer the following questions on your wiki page.
1. What is your role in the 'Creation of a Puppet Show' project?
2. How will you make sure you perform your role well during this project?
3. How will you deal with problems (if they happen) in your group?

Assignment 2

Just like the questions you were asked in class, please create five questions about the timeline we used in class.
Click here -----> to see a copy of the timeline. Write your questions and the answers on your wiki page.

Assignment 1

Using your notes and page 4 from your online textbook, answer the following questions on your wiki page.
1. Were you born in a BCE year or an CE year?
2. Put the following dates in order: AD 2000, 3100 BC, 15 BCE, AD 476, AD 3, CE 1215
3. If you read that an event happened c. AD 1000, what would that mean?