Welcome to Social Studies

Please use the following information and bookmark the links to resources you will need in Mr. Tabbara's social studies class. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Tabbara through the wiki mail system or send him an e-mail at ftabbara@kis.or.kr.

  1. Bookmark the link to this wiki (www.kis6ss.wikispaces.com)
    • Explore this wiki by clicking the links on the left.
      • Make sure you look at the syllabus and the calendar for important class information
      • Explore the 'Tools We Use in SS' link to download/signup for important tools we use all the time in class
  2. Bookmark the link to your Social Studies online textbook: http://my.hrw.com/index.jsp (You will get your password and username from Mr. Tabbara)
  3. Click 'Mr. Tabbara's Classes' on the left, then go to your block, and then click on your name to go to your wiki page. Click 'Edit this Page". Experiment with the different functions of your page. Have a look at other students' pages to see what you can do with your own page.